Android development is resource hungry. In fact, even a top of the line MacBook Pro can barely handle a mid to large project. Compiling and running the app takes a whopping 10 to 15 Gb of RAM that just sits there, and that’s without running an emulator! Needless to say if your laptop has only 16 Gb of RAM, good luck doing anything else while developing.

My personal laptop, a 4 year old Razer blade with 16 Gb of RAM, starts FLYING as soon as I open Android Studio on one of my personal projects with only a handful…

What if building an App was as simple as assembling Lego blocks?

For a while now, I’ve been working on Helium in my spare time. I built Helium to make Android development feel easy, fast, and fun, whether you’re building a quick prototype or a professional app.

I’ve completely changed the API in this latest iteration (v0.5.0) and wanted to share the story behind it. It breaks conventions, introduces a new mental framework and a fresh approach for building Android apps.

The big breakthrough happened while trying to re-name some of the core classes of the framework. Naming is hard. Good API design is a lot about choosing what vocabulary your users…

I like to write Android apps. A lot.

When I get a new app idea, I get so excited I just rush to my laptop and start coding right away. I get this urge to dump my brain into code immediately. I want to get a feel for my idea, get it on my phone to play with it and quickly validate if my idea was good, bad or needs improvement.

The structure of the code doesn’t matter at this point, it’s just to test out the idea… right? Just start a new project, throw everything in an activity or…

Joaquim Verges

Android Lead @ Twitch. Passionate about all things Android. Author of Falcon Pro, Flyne and other personal Apps. Co-organizer of the San Francisco Android GDG.

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